Free camera software download

Free camera software download

Free, who doesn’t like free? the problem with that is the actual definition of free. There are many many sources of so called free stuff out there these days, anything from free books to free downloads to free …. you name it. In fact if you go to Craigs list there is a section there called “free stuff” where you can find the most unusual things imaginable 🙂

When it comes to home security and in particular free home security, you might find some surprises here. I am talking about the likes of AT&T or Protect America and the like that will come and install a so called free home security system for you, but what they don’t tell you is that you have to sign a monitoring contract which binds you to them for a certain period of time, to pay them a fee every single month for so called monitoring !

What are the alternatives to monthly fees?

In this day and age it is simply all too easy to fall for the so called experts view, that you must install only home security cameras from a reputable company, now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with those big companies and their methods, it is just that I find them a little outdated and usury.

So what is the alternative? How about you become your own security professional and avoid paying an ongoing monthly fee to anyone? It is entirely possible and I would say much more preferable than paying through the nose for good home security and peace of mind.

There are so many very affordably priced home security cameras these days that are easy to set up and also very easy to view, most of these cheap IP cameras have an app with them that you can download from the app store or Google play store that will allow you to monitor your home from anywhere in the world, most of them have a push notification function that allows you to receive and email or text the moment that movement is detected on your property so that you can just open the app and see what’s going on, at the same time as the camera alerted you to the movement it started recording, either onto an SD card in the camera or to the cloud where it cannot be stolen or broken. Another benefit of these type of IP cameras is that you can also talk in real time to whoever is on your property and they can talk back to you, which in the case of a delivery man for instance you can tell him to just leave the package on the door step and he could respond back to you. On the other hand, if it were an intruder you could tell him that the police have been alerted and are on the way right now!

There are many cheap cameras of this type that have this free camera software download potential. Take a look at what Amazon have to offer in this department and learn how to become your own home security expert/professional

So, we have covered cheap, but what about free?

Please allow me to ask you a question. How many cell phone have you had since 2010? If like me, you have had at least three, then I guess we are about normal. Let me ask you another question, where are your old cell phones? Probably stuffed away in a drawer somewhere just gathering dust right? Wait a minute did not those old phones have a camera in them?

🙂 I can see the cogs whirring right now, the grey matter is springing into action, What if?

Yes, bingo, all I need to do is position them to cover my doors or windows and viola I can catch any one coming into my house, err, well yes you could in theory, but that would be a little rudimentary, what you really need is a free camera software download.

For the past few years I have been using a free camera software called Alfred Camera to cover an RV at the side of my property that was not covered by my other cameras. Alfred camera is a great solution to an absolutely free home security system, the app is free to download and use, there is a paid version too with extra functionality but the free version is perfect for me, I can view my cameras, they record only when movement occurs, they alert me to movement, I can set off an alarm that makes an awful din to scare off would be intruders, I can view day or night, I can hear what is going on, and I can speak to anyone on the camera!

All you need to do is go to the app store or Google play store on your old previously discarded phone, and use the WiFi to download Alfred Camera, once installed you can set your phone to become a camera or a viewer, you can in fact use up to four phones (or IPad or tablet) as cameras and use the web app to view your cameras, just make sure you use the same email address for each camera/phone.

So, there you have it, completely free, diy home security cameras.

Don’t have an old phone?

If you do not have an old phone or two lying around somewhere, ask your friends or neighbors, most people have an old cell phone or two lying around somewhere, and if not then you can go to your local thrift store and probably get one there, if not then you can go to a seller of used cell phones online like and buy one, OK it is going to cost you something so your diy homes security camera system is no longer free, but it is pretty much free!

No need to get sucked into an agreement with some company to get so called free home security and end up paying a monthly when you really can get it for FREE!

In Summary

Why pay for a home security cameras system when you don’t have to? About the ONLY thing different from having a monthly monitoring fee to pay is, MAYBE the monitoring company MAY call the police for you if there is an intrusion, but if you don’t mind responding to an alert sent to your phone or mail and then responding yourself, either by talking to an intruder or setting off an alarm to scare them away, then doing it yourself is the way to go for you.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, please leave them down below and I will respond ASAP.

Till next time. God bless and be safe


Home security camera system

The most affordable home security camera system.

Fake security cameras

Send burglars running with these fake home security system options.

According to Readers Digest this is a very good and inexspensive way to help protect your premises from the opportunist thief and even an experienced burglar will take a second look if he sees something like this hanging from your walls.

Click image to view

These cameras even have a fake solar cell on top to help them look more authentic.

Other parts to a home security system

In any home security camera system there are multiple components. Sure we all know and see home security cameras hanging off of walls, soffits and roofs, but that is just a part of the story, no matter if your system is a real working system or a fake home security camera system there are many ways to deter would be thieves.

Fake keypad
Click image to view

What about other components that give any prospective burglar pause for thought? That could be many devices like the fake keypad above, or how about a simple timer that will turn on a lamp for an hour or so then turn it off for another hour and so on, anybody who is watching your house would probably be deterred if they see lights going on or off inside.

What about one or two well-placed motion detecting lights to scare away unwanted intruders, these are a very effective deterrent, one tip I might give here is to place the motion detectors in an area where they will not be constantly triggered by moving objects like cars or animals etc, putting them in secluded positions that still cover your main entry point is a good idea.

Fake TV? most people have never heard of fake TV but items like the one below are very effective deterrents, some of them are manually operated and others are left switched on and they have a light sensor that automatically turns them on at dusk for five or more hours, the lights that are seen from outside the house look just like there is a television running in the room that you place it especially if you have thin curtains so that a person cannot see into the room and notice no TV 🙂

Fake tv
Click image to view

All the signs are there

And that is just what you want a would be intruder to think, all the signs are showing me that there is somebody home in this house. From the fake security cameras, lamps on timers, entry door keypads to fake television lights flickering in some back room to motion detecting security lights around the perimeter, all these things will give any potential intruder pause for thought, but what about signs? I mean real fake or should it be fake real signs ? either way you get the idea.

Fake signs
Click image to view

Having signs like this in your yard is just a part of the arsenal you can employ to help deter would be burglars from picking on your home and moving onto somewhere else that appears to them to be a softer target, and the funny thing is that with all these items installed around your house you still have no real alarm or home security camera system.


Hybrid home security camera system

So, how about adding some real bite to your fake home security camera system?

How am I to do that Andrew, I hear you ask 🙂

Simple, with all the equipment listed above, like the fake cameras, the fake keypad, the fake television, to the fake signs in your yard and not forgetting the lamps on timers and the outdoor motion detecting lights how about adding a real wireless security camera? If you choose to add just one wireless security camera I would highly recommend that you get the best one that you can, by best I mean a camera that has decent image quality and good night vision, because you might only get one crack at capturing an intruders face especially at nighttime, so placement of the camera is also a concern if you only have the one camera.

Arlo pro
Click image to view

If however you decide to go with a larger home security camera system (by larger I just mean more cameras) then things get a little easier in terms of capturing the face of the intruder because you have more chances of getting that shot to show the police if you are unfortunate enough to suffer a burglary or even just an attempted burglary. The camera above is a very good bet for starting with but it is also expandable so that sometime down the road you can add cameras to have a really capable home wireless security camera system


So there you have it, for around fifty or sixty bucks you can make even the most fool hardy burglar wary of tacking your house to extract his ill-gotten gains from you, and you never even had any real protection, it was all just an illusion or a perception. But, if you go with the hybrid option of mixing it up a little with at least one IP camera (a quick explanation of an IP camera is that it is wireless except for the power cord (although you can get battery operated) and it syncs with your home wireless router so that you can view it from anywhere in the world)

This home security camera system is a little more expensive that some but it has awesome features.

Ring spotlight cam
Click image to view


  • Connect your Ring camera with Alexa then enable announcements to
    be alerted when motion is detected. Talk to visitors through compatible
    Echo devices by saying “Alexa, talk to the front door”.
  • Lets you see, hear and speak to visitors from your phone, tablet and PC
  • Sends alert as soon as motion is detected. Compatible with ios, android, mac and windows 10 devices
  • Powered by the quick-release rechargeable battery pack
  • Monitors your home in 1080HD video with infrared night vision and Live View
  • Includes built-in LED light strips and a siren
  • Includes Lifetime Theft Protection: If your Camera gets stolen, we’ll replace it for free

Thanks for reading this, and as always, if you need any help or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Till next time.

Hooray for wireless wireless, (Really)

On an earlier post, I said that wireless security cameras were not really truly wireless because you still had to power them. That involved a cable with a transformer that plugged into an outlet that had to be installed in some instances where a camera site had no power outlet.

Well, not anymore!

Introducing the Reolink Argus 2

Click on image to view

The Reolink Argus is the world’s first truly wireless security camera.

100% Wire-Free over Wi-Fi with no cables or wiring hassles. Based on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and works independently of your alarm system.

The Reolink Argus has a rechargeable Battery that is long lasting and save you money.

Place & Move Anywhere

Place the camera anywhere you want, indoors or outdoors, in your garage or shed in fact anywhere you like but usually within 300 feet of your router (varies with router model).

There is also a Solar Powered pack available just Connect the camera to Reolink Solar Panel to get non-stop power.

1080p Full HD: Get crystal and sharp videos/images with true 1080p Full HD in the daytime and at nighttime there is Starlight Night Vision. With the Starlight CMOS sensor, the camera offers clearer night vision, up to 33 feet.

With the PIR Motion Sensor a Smart PIR sensor detects if anything is moving and triggers alerts and starts recording.

If your camera does sense movement, not only does it instantly start recording but also sends push notifications, emails, and/or siren alerts in real time.

Then there is also a Built-in mic & speaker to listen in and talk back to someone interactively.

Talk back

IP65 Certified Weatherproof

Come Rain or shine, the Argus 2 is always ready for extreme environments with IP65 certification you can rest assured that your camera is weatherproofed.

130° Wide Viewing Angle

The 130-degree Wide field of vision helps you to cover more and see more.

Live View Anytime Anywhere

You also have remote live view so that you can view your cameras on smart phones or computers or iPad at anytime from anywhere in the world.

Low-Battery Notifications

Inform you when battery capacity reaches 10% so you can replace the battery with a fully charged one or if you choose the solar option you will never have to replace the battery for more viewing time.

The Reolink Argus

uses Rapid Wake-Up technology to Wake up at once for live view or motion event detecting.

There are multiple Mounts, mounting options, and other accessories help Argus 2 blend in any placement environment.

The Reolink Argus 2 really is 100% Wire-Free, Place It Anywhere

Rechargeable battery and Wi-Fi connectivity make Argus 2 totally wire-free. No network or power cable, no drilling and no outlets needed. Security is simple. You can put it anywhere you want — on a shelf or a table; at the front door or back door; from room to room, to keep an eye on the elderly, babies or pets. Or use it at a temporary construction site, rental house or holiday house.

Till next time, this is Andy Thebrit signing off.

Netgear wireless routers

Hi Andy here, in today’s post i will be looking at wireless routers.

Part of, in fact a very important part of your DIY home security cameras system is the wireless router, if you have no idea what i am talking about let me try to explain a little about your home wireless network.

First you have the internet which come into your house through a little thing called a modem.

Click image to view

This item is effectively the gateway to and from the internet so that you can watch YouTube videos and send out email to your friends and family telling them about the great YouTube video you just watched 🙂

Next most people these days will have a wireless router such as a Netgear Wireless Router

Nighthawk Router
Click image to view

Like the one shown above, which is what they call a high end router, That means it may be more expensive than some other routers ( I have a Netgear Nighthawk router myself) but the money you pay is well worth it, because it is capable of doing so much more than a little cheap router that will not allow you to stream 2 or 3 movies at the same time or handle multiple wireless security cameras trying to connect to it.

So, the internet traffic comes into your house via the modem then the modem is connected to your wireless router which broadcasts a wireless signal around your house so that you can connect to and from the internet via your iPad, cellphone, wireless cameras etc etc, Still with me?

OK, so your wireless cameras are broadcasting a signal that can be picked up by your Netgear Wireless Router after you have synced them together of course ( I will produce a video shortly on how to connect your camera to your router) and that will allow you to be able to view what your camera is seeing, even from half way around the world.

I hope that this makes sense to you, and as always please feel free to contact me with any questions or problems related to your Netgear wireless router, or indeed any other aspect of your DIY home security cameras system.

Till the next time, be safe and God bless.

Diy Home Security Cameras

Click Image For Screen

DIY Home Security Systems And Cameras

As a professional in the filed of diy home security cameras it has been my duty to install and commission all kinds of security equipment. At present I am engaged in the activity of reviewing diy home security cameras and will later post a page on diy home security camera reviews.

DIY Home Security Systems

As you may or may not know there are several types of systems out there. In times gone by, the most common home security camera systems were hard wired video cameras connected by cables to a recording device, usually in the home.

With the advent of the internet and wireless home routers all that changed. Now it was possible to have diy wireless home security systems that utilized wireless home security cameras to connect to the wireless router


and then broadcast those videos to a screen on the pc or in another room or even over the air to your cell phone.

Best DIY Home Security Camera System?

As time goes on, I shall be reading, testing and reviewing many systems to ascertain which in my humble opinion is the best diy home security camera system and then I will publish my findings for your viewing and comments.



Start with IP Cameras

Start with IP Cameras
Today we will be looking at the ip camera, I P stands for Internet Protocol.

These cameras are probably the best type for beginners as they take very little set-up and do not need a local recording device to store video on, a bit like your web cam these cameras work over your wireless network to transmit images thru the airwaves to your network which then can be accessed over the internet which means you are able to view your house in timbucktoo whilst sipping pina coladas on the beach in the Maldives. 🙂


In later posts I will be walking you thru the simple setup steps for these cameras and probably a video too.

It really has become so simple theses days for almost anyone with two neurons and a working synapse to be able to provision these cameras for remote viewing, also the price is truly affordable for just about anyone living in the United States.

Wireless camera
Click Image To View

Get protection for your loved ones now.



Wireless security cameras

Today we are going to turn our attention to wireless security cameras.

Wireless security cameras

outdoor dome camera
Click Image To View

Is a wireless camera really wireless?

The truth of the matter is NO; wireless cameras are not wireless.

The only component of a wireless camera that is wireless is the image transmission.

But what about power, where does that come from?

Most wireless security cameras will need to be installed close to a power outlet or

you may have to run a long cable to be able to reach a power outlet.

Different types of cameras

There are literally thousands of cameras around today and not all of them are wireless. In the past all security cameras had wires or cables running to them and on larger systems they were connected to a DVR which is a standalone unit that had a hard disk where all the pictures were stored for later viewing. As technology progressed wireless security cameras became more readily available and affordable.

Nowadays one can buy wireless security cameras relatively inexpensively and easy to install, whether you need an indoor or outdoor camera there are plenty to choose from, added to that there are wireless security cameras that detect motion and only then do they record and also night vision wireless security cameras that allow 24 hour surveillances without needing a light source.

Positioning your wireless security camera

When installing your wireless security camera, you need to be mindful of a few things. First of all it is not a good idea to place your camera too near a high-energy power source or line as it will interfere with the image transmission. Second try to point your camera at none moving objects like a wall for instance, if you were to point your camera out to the road then you would be recording all the people going by and cars and trees moving in the wind, etc. So try to find a spot that is movement minimal but still covers the area you wish to cover.

Local or Cloud storage

local or cloud?

Of late the cloud had become very popular for storing things like, songs, articles, videos, Pictures, whatever, and that includes your wireless security cameras videos, that may be all well and good but usually there is a monthly price to pay for that privilege.

The security companies just love this; it is for them a residual income, that is ongoing income from a job that they performed one time and then sold you a monitoring package, they do this with simple alarm systems as well as camera systems and you end up stuck with a monthly bill you do not need because we have the solution.

Instead of paying a security company to come and install some cameras around your house and then having them bill your every single month for “monitoring” why not do it yourself?

These days wireless security cameras have evolved to the point that paying for “monitoring” is just not necessary anymore. I purchased a few cheap wireless security cameras sometime back. They were cheap because the company supplying them wanted me to purchase a monthly cloud storage package from them for “monitoring” but the cameras themselves have a storage card inside of them (as do most wireless security cameras.) which stores the video locally therefore negating the need for cloud storage. These cameras also came with an app that you download from the play store or app store so that you can view your cameras anytime day or night from anywhere in the world, also the cameras had night vision and motion detection so that they only record to the storage card (or cloud, if you like to pay for nothing) when motion is detected, also on two of the five cameras I purchased I have the ability to move the cameras to scan left and right and up and down remotely straight from my cellphone or on the web at the companies web page.

Another aspect of this handy little app I downloaded to my phone was the ability for the cameras to send me an email or a push notification straight to my phone whenever there is movement in front of one or all of my cameras, OK so there may sometimes be a little latency between the motion and the alert going off on my phone but it‘s never more than a couple of seconds by which time you can easily turn to the app on your phone and view what is going on at your house and also feel safe in the knowledge that your camera is recording the intruder, even if it is just the neighbors dog:-)



You are being watched!

So there you have it. It is not hard to do, any person with reasonable motor skills and half a brain can figure this stuff out.

In the coming weeks I will be choosing and reviewing a few of my favorite wireless security cameras that can be easily installed and operated in your home and I am always here to help with any questions you might have.

Choosing a video surveillance system

Hello, and thank you for joining me on this journey to protecting both the lives of your loved ones and their security, our goal on IviewHome is to review all types of security systems and evaluate them for quality, longevity and value for money.

This blog will be updated regularly so please do come back often and comment if you wish. Today we will take a look at How to select A Good home protection System.

The first step to making sure you design a decent security system is to match the coverage demand with the camera count. What about Indoor, outdoor or a mixture of the two? Would you like to concentrate on one specific area to monitor or do you need the whole house covered or maybe a mix?
Another facet to think about is that the use requirement, is it necessary to view a live video feed throughout the day, maybe multiple individuals will wish to see the feed? If that is the case then maybe an ip camera or two would suit, as they permit the video feed to be broadcast over the internet and accessed remotely by anyone with the correct log in credentials.

Once these requirements have been determined, the next step would be to look at how you would like to proceed. One key quality to ensure that you have is at least one decent night vision camera that can get a good definition image a face or a license plate day or night.

Qsee 8 channel
Click Image To View

Next time on IviewHome we will compare a couple of different system sizes and components to identify if you really need that $2,000 DVR system or could you get by with a much cheaper but just as reliable IP option.

Till then be safe, be protected.