Choosing a video surveillance system

Hello, and thank you for joining me on this journey to protecting both the lives of your loved ones and their security, our goal on IviewHome is to review all types of security systems and evaluate them for quality, longevity and value for money.

This blog will be updated regularly so please do come back often and comment if you wish. Today we will take a look at How to select A Good home protection System.

The first step to making sure you design a decent security system is to match the coverage demand with the camera count. What about Indoor, outdoor or a mixture of the two? Would you like to concentrate on one specific area to monitor or do you need the whole house covered or maybe a mix?
Another facet to think about is that the use requirement, is it necessary to view a live video feed throughout the day, maybe multiple individuals will wish to see the feed? If that is the case then maybe an ip camera or two would suit, as they permit the video feed to be broadcast over the internet and accessed remotely by anyone with the correct log in credentials.

Once these requirements have been determined, the next step would be to look at how you would like to proceed. One key quality to ensure that you have is at least one decent night vision camera that can get a good definition image a face or a license plate day or night.

Qsee 8 channel
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Next time on IviewHome we will compare a couple of different system sizes and components to identify if you really need that $2,000 DVR system or could you get by with a much cheaper but just as reliable IP option.

Till then be safe, be protected.

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