My Story

Welcome to the home of affordable home security.

My Story

I have been in the security and CCTV sector for many years.

I started off at a young age installing tv antenna satellite dishes and worked my way along a path that led me to installing alarms and closed circuit tv and later went on to run my own businesses in computer and cell phone repair. I have always been attracted to all things electronic.

Here is the why was created

In all my years installing systems and devices I have become convinced that most people are paying too much for their surveillance equipment in the first place.

Once they have purchased a system then they go and sign a contract to pay an amount each month for “monitoring”

That is really not necessary.

THE GOAL OF This website

Is to inform you Joe Public that you are being ripped off, I can and will show you how to set up your own cameras and accessories and easily monitor them yourself saving you both time and money. My promise is to respond to anyone who asks me how to do it for virtually nothing.

All the best,

Andy Thebrit



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