Start with IP Cameras

Start with IP Cameras
Today we will be looking at the ip camera, I P stands for Internet Protocol.

These cameras are probably the best type for beginners as they take very little set-up and do not need a local recording device to store video on, a bit like your web cam these cameras work over your wireless network to transmit images thru the airwaves to your network which then can be accessed over the internet which means you are able to view your house in timbucktoo whilst sipping pina coladas on the beach in the Maldives. 🙂


In later posts I will be walking you thru the simple setup steps for these cameras and probably a video too.

It really has become so simple theses days for almost anyone with two neurons and a working synapse to be able to provision these cameras for remote viewing, also the price is truly affordable for just about anyone living in the United States.

Wireless camera
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