Wireless security cameras

Today we are going to turn our attention to wireless security cameras.

Wireless security cameras

outdoor dome camera
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Is a wireless camera really wireless?

The truth of the matter is NO; wireless cameras are not wireless.

The only component of a wireless camera that is wireless is the image transmission.

But what about power, where does that come from?

Most wireless security cameras will need to be installed close to a power outlet or

you may have to run a long cable to be able to reach a power outlet.

Different types of cameras

There are literally thousands of cameras around today and not all of them are wireless. In the past all security cameras had wires or cables running to them and on larger systems they were connected to a DVR which is a standalone unit that had a hard disk where all the pictures were stored for later viewing. As technology progressed wireless security cameras became more readily available and affordable.

Nowadays one can buy wireless security cameras relatively inexpensively and easy to install, whether you need an indoor or outdoor camera there are plenty to choose from, added to that there are wireless security cameras that detect motion and only then do they record and also night vision wireless security cameras that allow 24 hour surveillances without needing a light source.

Positioning your wireless security camera

When installing your wireless security camera, you need to be mindful of a few things. First of all it is not a good idea to place your camera too near a high-energy power source or line as it will interfere with the image transmission. Second try to point your camera at none moving objects like a wall for instance, if you were to point your camera out to the road then you would be recording all the people going by and cars and trees moving in the wind, etc. So try to find a spot that is movement minimal but still covers the area you wish to cover.

Local or Cloud storage

local or cloud?

Of late the cloud had become very popular for storing things like, songs, articles, videos, Pictures, whatever, and that includes your wireless security cameras videos, that may be all well and good but usually there is a monthly price to pay for that privilege.

The security companies just love this; it is for them a residual income, that is ongoing income from a job that they performed one time and then sold you a monitoring package, they do this with simple alarm systems as well as camera systems and you end up stuck with a monthly bill you do not need because we have the solution.

Instead of paying a security company to come and install some cameras around your house and then having them bill your every single month for “monitoring” why not do it yourself?

These days wireless security cameras have evolved to the point that paying for “monitoring” is just not necessary anymore. I purchased a few cheap wireless security cameras sometime back. They were cheap because the company supplying them wanted me to purchase a monthly cloud storage package from them for “monitoring” but the cameras themselves have a storage card inside of them (as do most wireless security cameras.) which stores the video locally therefore negating the need for cloud storage. These cameras also came with an app that you download from the play store or app store so that you can view your cameras anytime day or night from anywhere in the world, also the cameras had night vision and motion detection so that they only record to the storage card (or cloud, if you like to pay for nothing) when motion is detected, also on two of the five cameras I purchased I have the ability to move the cameras to scan left and right and up and down remotely straight from my cellphone or on the web at the companies web page.

Another aspect of this handy little app I downloaded to my phone was the ability for the cameras to send me an email or a push notification straight to my phone whenever there is movement in front of one or all of my cameras, OK so there may sometimes be a little latency between the motion and the alert going off on my phone but it‘s never more than a couple of seconds by which time you can easily turn to the app on your phone and view what is going on at your house and also feel safe in the knowledge that your camera is recording the intruder, even if it is just the neighbors dog:-)



You are being watched!

So there you have it. It is not hard to do, any person with reasonable motor skills and half a brain can figure this stuff out.

In the coming weeks I will be choosing and reviewing a few of my favorite wireless security cameras that can be easily installed and operated in your home and I am always here to help with any questions you might have.

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